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hi i'm chloe de katya,just call me kat,im 25 years old,im originally a Bruneian im a married person and im married to Zul Omar and also we have lil princess name Baby Eka I worked as Teller in Standard Chartered Bank, Im a hardworking wife and hardworking mom, Im doing all this is for my husband,my princess & for my familee , I love sports too especially Netball and i entered team Muaravella since year 2009 but now i have quit and with team prodigy.Besides,I love photography too and i was thinking to do it as a parttime job but haven't done with it yet. The goal to achieve this year is to be a good mom,done all my prayer to get Allah's bless always. I pray to Allah,He will help me to accomplished my goal this year. Amin Ya RabbalAlamin ♡ my Zul & babyEka

Sunday, July 31, 2011

hi everyone,
finally got a chance to write something before fasting month.
Though, im so sleepy and today is the last day ramai-ramai at padang and also result of fasting month..
Later i wanna go out with husband for e last day,but i'll wait mom come back hospital visiting my sis's law family who just got bad car crash at highway of muara tutong between vocational school yesterday..

My putri ain is sleeping ..and now im about to try her formula milk,before i got bck to work..she's a bit refuse to drink it. =( im afraid she dont want to drink formula milk.. Anyways..

It's fasting month coming.. I remember of my fasting month last year it was awesome, i work at classic design with fakhri,pian,haziq and of course my sweetest girlfriend leeza.. Kinda miss the old times..wonder when we gonna go out together again really miss them all..

I just hope tomorrow is fasting... Goodluck with the result guys!

♡ cdk!
bye world!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He change like a thousand YearHe change like a thousand Year

Hi world,
im in my room lying,watching my baby girl and writing this blog..
My husband just went out alone to MPH for silat tourney.What make me feel so sad is,he don't want to bring me along with him.. As his reason of my baby is staying and he said 'kesian jua baby eka tu...' WTHell? Sudah ada baby mcmani tia?apakan nie... So klu ia bejalan aku nda buleh ikutlah klu nada bby eka..cmatu x? Byk tia alasannya.. Mcm aku sorang sja mnjaga baby anie kan? Ia siuk2 bjln mnikmati bejln sorang2 mcm urg bujang lah tu... Okay fine..nda apa,this is ur day tomorrow will be mine..
its okay,after this ndath ku mau bjln sma ia lagi tu.. Jgn sja hairan,aku mau jua jdi single bjln ani..
i dont know why my husband change alot,our journey not even a year,he change alot like a thousand year..thats makes me feel so sad.
I feel angry,dissappointed,sad and down..

Bye world!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Husband went to Temburong, HM's birthday ramah mesra

Hi world,
its early in the morning i'm Bf-ing my princess she's sleeping..
My husband is away he sleepover at temburong for one night ,he went to temburong for HM's ramah mesra this morning later..
its monday, and its been a bad news too..
Rohayu call and ask to sign new agreement due to new policy inserted.. I dont understand.. Why she handling my loan so late and belalai lagi tu.. Very annoying ehh this girl,i hate it so much..she dont know that ppl are waiting.. Its been almost two weeks barutah mngontact customer mbgitau sign new agreement?what a liar...
I also waiting for my husband's confirmation letter,cant wait wait bah kan meloan nikon for hari raya anie..hope2 ada before next month kah,nyaman jua hati hari raya ada juacatch some pics..since my baby is 1st time beraya with me and husband this year...

Okay gtg baby bf-ing is finish already..
Miss husband so much wonder he sleep with who right now..
Happy belated birthday to HM Daulat kebawah duli tuan patik.
Love cdk
Bye world!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

can't wait to have Nikon D90can't wait to have Nikon D90

Hi world,
today is saturday my 39th day from my last consignment and tomorrow is my last day which 40th day after giving birth alhamdulilah.. Everything going well.

today me husband and our princess went to mall looking for her dress for hari raya..not much design at mall though.As if i have money i'll buy something for her but my loan haven't release yet from bank.wonder this rohayu remember or buat2 inda ingat about my loan anie.. Sudahtah sengaja melow kan my loan btah tia lagi mengapprovekan what a nonsence.can't wait to buy nikon for this upcoming raya..
I wanna catch all the moment of spending my raya for the first time with my baby cute princess ain..hope everthing akan tercapai..amin.. Aku hanya mampu merancang dan berdoa.. allah yg akan menentukan segalanya...
Really can't wait of the moment...

Love cdk
bye world!

The early feelings about raya

hi world,
it's 7.10pm on 14th July..i'm in raya mode now since i'm listening to raya songs..i miss old time raya season.. Where we use to visit ppl's (strangers) house & walking with friends cousins and family..Raya is really happiest moment to spent with all muslims and we dont care who they are as long as they happy too in our happy season..and also forgiving each others sins to connect them back and forget the past time between them..that was make me feel so touching.
And when Raya is about to came i'm crying to myself of leaving ramadhan cos i don't know its like natural in me that i can feel how beautiful is being as Muslim although we're sometimes forget our duty to Allah who is never sleep and always watching on us..that makes me feel so sad..

it's 9:17pm,i'm continuing my story
Hope i can do my fasting this coming ramadhan as if i finish my mens.I want to sembahyang terawih at mosque together with my husband.Tu pun if he interested.
Im sleepy got to go.. After this im gna pick my sister mel & B who jst started their first day working.

Love cdk
bye world!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Izinkan Ku pergi By Kaer

hi world
im jst sharing a lyrics a song by kaer AF Izinkan ku Pergi

sinaran mata cerita segalanya
duka lara terpendam memori semalam
tinggal segala cinta tiada kembalinya
abadi kasih kita kau bawa bersama
mimpi indah mekar saat cinta bersemi
sedetik asmara syurga selamanya pergilah rinduku hilangkan dirimu
tak sanggup menanggung derita di kalbuku
pergilah sayangku bermula semula
semangat cintakumembara kerana dia
tiada niatku tersemat jiwa setia bersamanya
cinta murni berdua beribu tahunnya
mimpi indah mekar saat cinta bersemi
sedetik asmarasyurga selamanya pergilah rinduku hilangkan dirimu
tak sanggup menanggung derita di kalbuku
pergilah sayang bermula semula
semangat cintaku membara kerana dia
tiada niatku oh..pergilah sayangku bermula semula
semangat cintaku membara kerana dia
tiada niatku maafkan daku duhai kasih
izinkan ku pergi

Saturday, July 9, 2011

hi world,
alhamdulilah finally ive sign the contract but it change into $6,800.but it's okay i still can pass it to pay the debt..may nextweek or next two days..
But my husband dissappoint me so much,he's not helping to relieve from all the debt instead he want to spent it as much as he like..and its not fair for me.. I get angry cos he didnt pay my car bills.
He just dont understand when i say this,means that i really mean it..i didnt say that we in life cant enjoy but this is the only way to enjoy our life without debt.shit man!this is just so stupidd!i dont want to live just to pay all the debt all the way,where's the commitment for kids?this is just untrue for me..
I wonder when he's gonna learn...=( im so sad..

Love cdk
bye world!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

hi world,
it's early in the morning.. Todae i've got redness eyes and very bad cough.i've drop some of eye glo and eat medicine for coughing that husband bought for eyes is so damn itchy..
Todae's friday,i'm gonna sign my personal loan todae,wait til rohayu call.hope everything goes well and i hope the loan will be out by this two hard weeks..amin..i just pray in my heart to allah as to release all of my debt and have learn a mistake..

Got to go
love cdk
bye world!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hi world,
im watching dato fadzilah talks

What women's like about guys:
1.kemas & mengancam
3.matang & bijaksana
4.tidak ego
5.pandai buat keputusan
6.yg mampu membimbing dalam hidup
7.bersih & wangi
8.kelakar takde complaint
10.seorang yg soleh
12.jgn kedekut
13.jgn berkira
14.pandai berbincang
15.lelaki yg tak kuat merajuk
16.pndai berubah from bad to good
17.mengucapkn terima kasih kpd istri esp selepas bersalin

thanks for checkin'
love cdk
bye world!

im ashame to call her as my sister!

hi world,
now its baby just wake up from her sleep
me n my husband watching korean movie with many episode don't know when its gonna end.
Todae's blog is about my selfish sister rain who just embrass me in my facebook of asking payment that i borrow with her last time $300 bucks.she's very daring sister and very annoying sister.. Wonder when she's gonna change her attitudes.. Is like she's one of the devil wearing mask as a human.what ashame..

Got to go
love cdk
bye world..

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rainy Day

hi world,
Now is 6:++pm and im nannying my lil one to sleep,she just finish her bathe and it's raining outside.Husband going fishing with my dad,my bro-in-law wonder what time they going back later cos they just off around 5.

This morning,which is around 10am im going to BIBD banking in qlap asking about how to apply bank loan.My manager marlinawati had told me before that i should come to see Rohayu which is managing bank loan for our company G4S.
But then the place that i went to is at e wrong branch was suppose to be BIBD Bandar Branch which is they close at 11:30am due to Friday Prayer.I've called Rohayu if she was there at Bandar she said she was at Time Square Roadshow.
Then again, i change my destination to Brunei International Airport way to TimesSquare.Right there then finally i met this women name Rohayu.
So im dealing with her about applying my bank loan which I only can loan for 7k,it goes well with Allah blessing jua.only left my confirmation Letter that i suppose to get it on Monday at Puan Nazma.Hope Puan Nazma can give me the confirmation Letter on Monday Amin~

This Bank Loan is Important,I've plan to Pay all the Debt before and remaining of it will be for Bedikir Ceremony of welcoming Baby eka to our lifes and makes everything more easier..hmm Im so so Proud&Glad to have Her..
Life without debt make us feel better, more happier and it's a reliever of living without it.Then we can plan more important things in future eg. For our daughter education,for our future home or even for travelling.
I've ever went travelling yet with my husband,so funny isn't it?

I've check on today,
shocking me when i found out my old good friend Mr.Ignatius the owner of De'Royalle cafe in town had passed away..i'm so sad of reading the post in brudirect. May his soul rest in peace for late Mr.Ignatius.

Got to go now
Love cdk
Bye World!