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hi i'm chloe de katya,just call me kat,im 25 years old,im originally a Bruneian im a married person and im married to Zul Omar and also we have lil princess name Baby Eka I worked as Teller in Standard Chartered Bank, Im a hardworking wife and hardworking mom, Im doing all this is for my husband,my princess & for my familee , I love sports too especially Netball and i entered team Muaravella since year 2009 but now i have quit and with team prodigy.Besides,I love photography too and i was thinking to do it as a parttime job but haven't done with it yet. The goal to achieve this year is to be a good mom,done all my prayer to get Allah's bless always. I pray to Allah,He will help me to accomplished my goal this year. Amin Ya RabbalAlamin ♡ my Zul & babyEka

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Assalamualaikum 2017

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ..

its 2017, i already have three kids.
time passes so fast until i didnt get chance update here. 
i've been through alot of happy and hard time in building a bones between me and my small family . #alhamdulilah 
Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to live happily and remember you always Alhamdulilah. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

15 Jan 2014

Alhamdulilah todae is my off day and now im enjoying my four days off.Actually it's since last Thursday.
Last two days i've done my running. Maybe todae Yes too. Or might be not too. I just wanna share what's happening within lastweek.
Lastweek we've (as a banker) have lost one greatest customer to me and also with some of my colleague.He's very nice generous ,chinese-look old man (which i tot he was a chinese-guy when we first met!) I'm not knowing so much what he have done to Bru-land during past-past year but i'm sure he had done so much thing for HM and this country. i'm so glad and bless of knowing him which can make me view of life is not always about money. He's too kind. and make me think that of what he's doing is actually for him self and make us remember that he was always be generous for his end of life later.. Allah always bless people like this and always make it easier for them . and Allah had showed us He is Almighty afterall.Thank You Allah for reminding me and showed me the correct path to go.
I'm glad i Have my husband, and having two beautiful and véry cute kids. Thank You for all your blessed Alhamdulilah..
Ampunkanlah Dosa-dosa Ibu-bapaku, Ampunkanlah Dosa-dosa Ibubapa Mertuaku , Ampunkanlah dosa-dosa Suamiku Ampunkan lah dosa-dosa anak2ku, Ampunkanlah Dosa-dosa Seluruh Keluargaku, Ampunkanlah dosa-dosa Orang-orang muslimin dan muslimah yang telah kembali kepadamu.Ampunkan lah Dosa-dosaku YaAllah.. Engkau berikanlah kerahmatan dan kesejahteraan di dunia ataupun di alam Barzakh mu. Jauhkanlah kami dari segala kesusahan dan kesulitan.Dan Jauhkan lah kami dari nerakaMu dekatkanlah kami ke SyurgaMu Ya Allah.. Amin Amin Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin...

Friday, January 24, 2014

24 jan 2014

Hi there kinda miss my blog no time to blog. really2 took time to think. And finally i found new apps for blog . Hmm tonite is having dinner at senja lounge , riverview ive ordered a steak... Hmm  ok gtg love you 😘😘😍

Friday, March 9, 2012

10 days

it's my 10 days since i start working at SCB,
it was so fun actually some of work was very under expectation 
hope i can do everything WELL!!! at first i was so damn Nervous but then i'm okay.. =)
 a bit slow to catching up but you know, Good Trainer May get good trainee right?
So it's depend on which person i attached with.But also get new and different new lessons.
Today kinda Busy later will having small BBQ at homie with my family.For celebrating Dad's and Aisyah's B'day Last 3 and 4 days ago.Though we actually already celebrate it last night at Taurean Cafe with some football games in Brunei Last night verses with Indonesian Team 2-0 actually.Brunei Win Hehehe... abit info there.

Okay gotta go... really miss husband so much though he's kinda busy lately with his workdays 
hope he'll get back from work tonite amin...

and another News which actually pretty bad News
On 5th of March 2012 past few days
My Uncle Aspar Bin Haji Hassan passed away so in this chances to all readers
please together we pray for Allah's Blessing May He rest in Peace and in Heaven
We Love you So much. And will always remember your kindness from the day you were in health and after you were not in health and also the day you were gone... Al fatihah May Allah's listen to our Prayer Amin...

Love ,


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey world,
todae all muslim celebrating a great day,Eid Mubarak..
I felt so Happy of celebrating it for e first time with my lil princess also with my ♥ husband.
Also,felt so sad of leaving Ramadhan al-kareem ..
Hoping Allah Giving me a chance to meet with Ramadhan again Amin Ya Allah.
Actually i already asking for a forgiveness from dad and forgot to ask from mom. She's quite busy with stuff.
Alhamdulilah,this year we're celebrating eid day quite quarter standard haaha lol. Will have open house on 7th day of eid day soon.
Todae,i mean this 2nd raya will go with in - laws family also with husband and my cute girlfriend.Did you know?she's growing and more happier..and of course more preetier & cute like her mum...
So, wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak
To All Family & Friends
Maaf zahir & Batin
also Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemenangan

bye world!
♥ kat

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♥ remembering of my ♥ son mohd zulhaiqal haqimi ♥

hi world!
Todae is the 10th day of ramadhan and 5 more days then its half month left to hari raya celebration.we're haven't ready everything yet but insyallah will be ready by 3/4 of this month.
I'm happy my baby girl is growing so faster but beside i'm sad too for my past mistakes has been gone too far.. I'll be visiting my son's graveyard soon.. Remembering on him sometimes it makes me feel unforgiven as what i've done to him.
I ♥ him so much as my sweetest son ever though i got no chance to see his face.But i saw him coming to me in my dreams.
♥ing you always mohd zulhaiqal haqimi
i got to go.. ♥

bye world!
♥ cdk

Sunday, July 31, 2011

hi everyone,
finally got a chance to write something before fasting month.
Though, im so sleepy and today is the last day ramai-ramai at padang and also result of fasting month..
Later i wanna go out with husband for e last day,but i'll wait mom come back hospital visiting my sis's law family who just got bad car crash at highway of muara tutong between vocational school yesterday..

My putri ain is sleeping ..and now im about to try her formula milk,before i got bck to work..she's a bit refuse to drink it. =( im afraid she dont want to drink formula milk.. Anyways..

It's fasting month coming.. I remember of my fasting month last year it was awesome, i work at classic design with fakhri,pian,haziq and of course my sweetest girlfriend leeza.. Kinda miss the old times..wonder when we gonna go out together again really miss them all..

I just hope tomorrow is fasting... Goodluck with the result guys!

♡ cdk!
bye world!