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hi i'm chloe de katya,just call me kat,im 25 years old,im originally a Bruneian im a married person and im married to Zul Omar and also we have lil princess name Baby Eka I worked as Teller in Standard Chartered Bank, Im a hardworking wife and hardworking mom, Im doing all this is for my husband,my princess & for my familee , I love sports too especially Netball and i entered team Muaravella since year 2009 but now i have quit and with team prodigy.Besides,I love photography too and i was thinking to do it as a parttime job but haven't done with it yet. The goal to achieve this year is to be a good mom,done all my prayer to get Allah's bless always. I pray to Allah,He will help me to accomplished my goal this year. Amin Ya RabbalAlamin ♡ my Zul & babyEka

Thursday, June 30, 2011

hi world,
im having my special 'sauna' hehe^^,
i just bF-ing my lil baby ЁкΛ til she fall asleep,
she's crying and my hubby is sleeping x( pity my baby~

erm,this thing (in ma head) suddenly questioning myself.
how to make my husband quit from smoking?
He's a heavy smoker.and i don't really like it much though i was before,but im not anymore..
Cos i've think of the BAD consequences
1.Your breathing is SMELLY
2.You Can't take long breathe while you're in the water eg.swimming
3.Your Heart become more older than your age physically (though husband told me once,his heart age 40 years old than he is now)
4.When people from the back of your car saw you holding a cigar,people would say ''eh,besigup urg anie..ish ish ish'' pass by our car and menjaling tah...*lol*
5.It's not good for babies especially my baby girl!!!

That's why i want him to quit in whatever way in this world.
Was thinking to say,''Please quit smoking as it sacrifice for our baby eka'' i'm tired of keep saying '' B,brantitah sigup kcian jua bby eka tu you kiss her after u finish smoking is not good for her'' and he will answer me with nda ikhlas faces '' awu.......''
he says awu but he didnt make it happen,he even promise me many times before.. But only in a short time then he smokes again..

So,this my topic todae is about 'smoking husband nda mau branti',as now i also having cough since like last three months?i think its the effect from the cigarette.I pray,one day my husband will realise how important is our heart,where we are sacrificing for our own family lives to live longer....amin..
Thats all for now...

Love cdk
bye world...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 24th B-day to Me ..

First of all happy isra' mi'raj to all Muslim all over the world..
Second , hey.. It's my 24th b-day!
Not sure it's fun or not my b-day this year..
Something bad is going on.. Makes me feel so stupid and dumbest ever..!
It was a great day at first but now.. It's just all because of stupid credit card! I hate to swallow all the things but have to get through..
Why sometimes our own family don't understand or don't want to understand themselve of their other siblings problems?? Why they make it tougher than make it easier?or why they make their other sad instead happiness? It's such no good communicate,no harmony & no coperation at all!
Maybe today is a test for me and it's gonna be more tougher in future times.
''Ya Allah,
sesungguhnya aku adalah hamba mu yg lemah,
aku adalah hamba Mu yg hina,aku adalah hamba Mu yg tidak Terdaya,
Berikanlah aku kekuatan mengharungi segala kesusahan & kesulitan yang engkau takdirkan kepada ku,
Sesungguhnya aku hampir tidak terdaya Ya Allah,
Berikan aku jalan untuk memperbaiki semua yang aku tempuhi ini,walaupun aku tahu ini hanya kerana keduniaanMu semata-mata,
Aku mohon kepadaMu ya Allah...''

People can't read our heart & mind,
But Allah does hear in every words in every second we say either in or outside from our heart,
only him will hear we struggle,we're in tears,in sad & happy moments.
I hope people can read what other people actually struggle for and give an solution than making it worst..even our own Family or sibling..
I'm just feelin' so down til i drop my tears in my eyes..
I'm just not happy because it does happen between me,siblings & parents too. I hope they change one day... To help each other amin...

Love cdk who is so down on her b-day.. =(
bye world!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My WorryNess, My advance 24th Birthday,Fasting Month is coming soon

05:18pm Sat 25-06-2011
hi how are you guys feelin' todae?hope doin' well.. And me,what im doin' is just fine for todae bt there's somethin' flying in my head & im trying to figure it out.

My husband is fishing with my dad & my brother while my lil cute princess is cuddling with her pillow and Me is rockin' my body with this hot traditional sauna thingy..
I'm kinda worried of upcoming 44th day,as my mum-in-law told me bout my baby is going to 'berSunat' as a baby girl its a must for my lil princess.i'm so nervous,pity & scared bcoz of tht thing.hmm..guess that ws the thing flying in ma head. Hope everything will be fine my sweetheart..don't worry mummy will always stand beside u.

Anyway,its 4 more days to go for my bday and im turning into 24yrs old.. Oh no,im getting pretty old."I wish my life will be more better,healthier,happier living with my precious husband&bby girl and also with my family.and i hope il accomplish all my goal(which i didnt mention it here..) this year and future years onwards with Allah's blessing Amin.."
And happy advance birthday to my bro-in-law hadizul on june,30th may allah bless u with successful in whatever u do amin..
And i would like to say happy belated b'day to my dad-in-law on e june,2nd which i was really3x forgot..longlive,healthier and more happier w allah's blessing amin..and i love u dad & u too bro..happy blated fathers day too..

And its my 18th day of my pantang day which left 22 more days to go to 40days.
Can't wait for another upcoming Fasting Month in August and Eid day in September.I still can't believe that im gonna celebrate it this blessing month with my baby girl this year in 2011,Alhamdulilah Thank you Ya Allah..time goes so fast..

Have to go now im about to done and im out of idea already =) will writeback again another post soon hehe ^^, mwahs
love cdk

Sunday, June 19, 2011

8th june 2011

Hi im back with my new life for this moment

todae im jst staying at home having my 105 days on leave to take care of my small lil princess baby eka.

she was born on June 8,2011
im so happy to have my lil cutey daughter,and my husband was so excited we're all happy to welcome her. this is her first pic i took on e first day...

She's so Cute rite? Thats why i love her so much2ie.. ^^,

she born on 2:26am in e morning. and i was admited at labour room no.5 from 11pm til 4am..

she weight:2.530kg with Length:52cm and height:32cm... awww she's small and she's me i guess..hahha.

im kinda boring rite now and um- my husband been busy lately with his course.sometimes i get angry but then i understand he's working for both of us.. sometimes i felt so pity on him cos he always show me the tiring faces and still smile though he is so tired everytime he reach home.

His work been crazy lately.. so i'l just wait him up at home everyday with our beloved lil princess eka.and before that il jst upload some of her pic's

so this is for todaeS blog.. its almost 4pm. and my baby is still sleeping.. actually waiting for her to wake up.. i love you baby girl and of course i love you my husband mwahs...!

ouh yea i almost forgot happy daddy's day my husband love you so damn much thanks for being there in my life ... *big hugs for daddy* love from ur wifey and lil princess..

Happy Daddys Day Husband