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hi i'm chloe de katya,just call me kat,im 25 years old,im originally a Bruneian im a married person and im married to Zul Omar and also we have lil princess name Baby Eka I worked as Teller in Standard Chartered Bank, Im a hardworking wife and hardworking mom, Im doing all this is for my husband,my princess & for my familee , I love sports too especially Netball and i entered team Muaravella since year 2009 but now i have quit and with team prodigy.Besides,I love photography too and i was thinking to do it as a parttime job but haven't done with it yet. The goal to achieve this year is to be a good mom,done all my prayer to get Allah's bless always. I pray to Allah,He will help me to accomplished my goal this year. Amin Ya RabbalAlamin ♡ my Zul & babyEka

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♥ remembering of my ♥ son mohd zulhaiqal haqimi ♥

hi world!
Todae is the 10th day of ramadhan and 5 more days then its half month left to hari raya celebration.we're haven't ready everything yet but insyallah will be ready by 3/4 of this month.
I'm happy my baby girl is growing so faster but beside i'm sad too for my past mistakes has been gone too far.. I'll be visiting my son's graveyard soon.. Remembering on him sometimes it makes me feel unforgiven as what i've done to him.
I ♥ him so much as my sweetest son ever though i got no chance to see his face.But i saw him coming to me in my dreams.
♥ing you always mohd zulhaiqal haqimi
i got to go.. ♥

bye world!
♥ cdk

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